My Name Is Viko Perdomo, I’m a Full Stack Javascript Engineer based in New York US

I’m a Full Stack Javascript Engineer & UI-UX Consultant from Bogotá Colombia. I’ve worked in the web industry for my last 11 years and I specialize in different Front End Development technologies like ReactJS/React Native, Angular, and backEnd JavaScript side solutions (NodeJS).

My background as a full stack Engineer and UI & UX consultant covers end to end any kind of product or idea, from wireframe and business requirements, design and prototype, strategies in SEO – SEM, eCommerce solutions and software applications. I solve problems using Design oriented solutions and JavaScript powerful technologies and integrations.

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My lifestyle is around my family, my friends and the music vibes. At work, chilling, or when I'm alone music is the perfect company and the right inspiration, to keep doing amazing things.

If you like punk rock, electronic music and hip-hop. I made a playlist on Spotify that maybe you will like it

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To keep the inspiration. I daily read blogs and I follow web trends.


Human behaviours the most important thing to keep in mind.


Never-Ending learner, JS, GitHub and practice.


Tonnes of new music on Spotify, fresh finds in Festivals & news.

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