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Here’s how I handle digital projects, from start to end, using different tech or design-oriented solutions to solve common problems in any website.


Front End Development

My expertise in the web industry includes bespoke product development and design-oriented solutions, from startups to enterprise, building great experiences for people and better outcomes for brands.

My skills as a Front-End Developer includes landing pages, email marketing, informational and educational sites, eCommerce websites, GUI projects through to product launches. My responsiveness and cross-browser websites are adjusted to improve and drive leads, to establish an impressive brand presence.

I drive the performance of my work using JavaScript as the main technology to use, with that I solve UX problems, and I improved the UI/UX in the applications I have done.

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User Experience combines the experience between (Frontend development) – (Web Design) and involves designing and planning experience creating workflows in different environments, taking care the little details in each project.

I solve problems in different ways with deadlines and technical requirements, keeping the flow and visual concepts to form memorable experiences.

My focus is on user behaviour factors to bring design decisions and decide the methodology process in the development solutions in the Front End.

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My emphasis is on build quality cross-platform eCommerce experience, using a combination of markup languages and deployment scripts to deliver best-in-class eCommerce.

I specialising in high performing online shopping providing the user with a highly shopping experience from beginning to end, using WooCommerce, 3dcart, and Shopify.

With the understanding of the business idea,  I can handle any integration or improvement for specific performance in the website like memberships, campaigns, CRM, payments, fulfilment and more.


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WordPress Development

I can create a website from scratch or in the base of a pre-built theme, also adding functional updates working with existing websites.

The scope of my work in WordPress development is using PHP/MySQL, but with my strong Front End Background, I can work in different ways improving the performance with any JavaScript solution.

I have experience with integrations (3rd-parties) in WordPress for different type of business, also I can do the server side configurations and the initial set-up for any website.

BackEnd API Development

Across my backend experience is using a combination of Rest API’s services and data layers MySQL (AURORA*RDS, PostgreSQL) using Redshift WareHouse AWS solution and NoSQL like DynamoDB and MongoDB.

I also use powerful tools and integrations such as Jenkins and GIT for CI-CD process, Mocha/Chi for Unit Testing-integration for NodeJS code base, using documentation tools like postman and AWS  for all the infrastructure and integration with different languages deployments of scripts and micro-services leading serverless technologies and approaches, to manage Big data services and requests.

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