Frisson is made for fans and artists in a web app that hosts Crowds in a Live Show.

The need for a light approach and a high performance in UI-UX was absolutely key for this project, with some features already built-in, the complexity was making sure existing functionality was brought to the new application and infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure and Playfab were the biggest part of the integration, making sure performance, data correlation, and smooth features were added to the process and User Experience.

I build out this project from wireframing, UI – UX, Infrastructure, Frontend, and Backend.

From a complex approach, I transform the project to be simplified a high-performance web app base.

Some of the infrastructure and integrations I used for this project are, PlayFab for user and stats management, Azure Services with Cosmos DB, Azure Functions, Blob, and JS tools such as Serverless, ReactJS, and NodeJS with Typescript for the API layer.

The Project is also hosted on a private Repo on GitHub using a custom pipeline for the CI-CD with Workflow Actions with a multi-environment aproach.


Frisson Web App


Frison – Join The Crowd

What I Did

Full Stack Integration for a web app that includes member and artist login and registration, complex profile management with multi roles, scheduled performances, friend lists, advance filters, multiple live shows. Mobile-Web optimized and oriented to improve performance with UI/UX design and JS solutions.

Frisson Mobile Web App

Frisson was made for artists and fans with a nice User Experience using the high-end technologies and infrastructure provided by Microsoft.

React JS

I used that for manipulating the DOM, creating contexts, sagas, real-time updates, and more.


Brings results from different pages in one single and faster response.

Local Storage

Helps to take each data in the store to show it in multiple pages, without extra calls require.


Use smooth keyframes to make the app more interesting and with a High-level UX.

Mobile Web User Control Optimized

The integration and user management engine solution make speed a top priority.