Pixieu was a Kickstarter Entrepreneur Project. I worked on many digital approaches as part of my entire skill set, from the idea, the app prototype, the Kickstarter design campaign, and promotion, to all many factors that involve a crowdfunding campaign and developing a product.

The main idea of Pixieu was having a device and an app that helps to find and prevent losing your valuables, having the ability to interact with them.

Development and creation of a  Smart Locator Tracker, that use Bluetooth technology to pair locators and devices using the Pixieu App, integrating sensors with the weather, geolocation, and physical objects.

Hardware and software Prototype

Creating a workable version from adobe XD to some components for a high fidelity App prototype, Using that I was able to do a perfect simulation of a final product with many approaches on the UI-UX triggering alert sounds on a prototype device.

Technologies Used in the project

UI-UX – FrontEnd – Backend

PSD – ADOBE XD – PREMIERE – AFTER EFFECTS – ReactJS  -Redux – WebPack – AWS SDK – bootstrap – jQuery – SaSS – ESLint – Babel

  • Kickstarter Campaign
  • App Prototype
  • Landing Page
  • Email Templates
  • Campaign Video

Pixieu Smart Locator

What I Did

Wireframing, UI-UX  design, content writing, social media, prototypes, KS campaign video, ReactJS/Redux development, Email Templates, S3 CloudFront Deployment.

Kickstarter Campaign

Pixieu Smart Locator

New Smart Generation of Bluetooth Key Finder, that Integrates Sensors with Weather Information, Geolocation, and Physical Objects.

App Prototype

The prototype was made with the purpose of having a high fidelity mobile app prototype, what I used to make it was Adobe XD for animations prototype and design.

Landing Page & Email Templates

The project also has the need for Email Marketing and Landing Pages, I develop this on the traditional tables hosted on S3 with Sendgrid and Sendinblue.