As a Full Stack Engineer in Orangetheory, I collaborate with multiple development teams, software solutions architects and database BI teams and DevOps to solve and improve functionality and improve the performance of  OrangetheoryFitness Web Apps. So for this two special project,s I create flows of  UI-UX  using  Sketch and Invision App working close with Brian Monaco (UI-UX designer of Orangetheory Fitness) and Man Phan, (Full Stack Senior Dev) as main contributors, to make this projects happened.

Orangetheory  API, documented in postman, this is the Orangetheory solution API to manage different interaction with data layer within all 3rth parties and vendors. This is a robust NodeJS backEnd solution with a Pipeline CodeBase using Serverless, LiquidBase, Jenkins, Mocha/Chai and AWS infrastructure to manage and track the performance of the big data of Orangetheory.

The UI-UX of this  App was the approaches I made helping BA and UI Designers in their user interaction and Bussines Requirements.

I always follow trends and best practices to put in place the best in class User Experience and using ReactJS/Redux make the app with a really high-performance speed and easy to debug.


Technologies Used in the project


Node.JS – Sequilize – Serverless – ESLint – dotBox – Jenkins – AWS SDK – Loadash


ReactJS -Redux – WebPack – AWS SDK – bootstrap – jQuery – SaSS – ESLint – Babel


Orangetheory Fitness Web Apps using ReactJS


Orangetheory Fitness

What I Did

Wireframing, UI-UX  design, prototypes, business requirements, ReactJS/Redux development, Backend API endPoints with NodeJS with an infrastructure of Amazon Web Services Using Cognito for Authentication, API gateways and lambda functions to interact with the API Services.

Class Check-in App

ReactJS app to manage all the status in a class (check-in, Cancel Checkin, Waitlist, Late Cancel) and update data from Members.

Challenge Tracker App

ReactJS app to manage all the different challenges in the networks of OrangeTheory Fitness, you can see a leaderboard with all the best members in different categories, search and filter them out, and create a specific challenge to send into the network.